Testimonials & Accolades

Steve’s session on ‘Leadership challenges and successes – the impact to success with customers’ has made a great impact on our leadership participants. His leadership insights, knowledge and experiences, coupled with leadership methodologies presents a holistic and practical approach for leadership development. A very enriching session and a definite value-add to our leadership programme in Yokogawa!

Mr Chet Mroz
President & CEO
Yokogawa Corporation of America

Mr Chet Mroz (President, Yokogawa USA)

Student Testimonials:
“Thanks for sharing your experience and your personal leadership journey with us. I love meeting people who have challenged themselves and taken themselves on a journey to discover new possibilities and potential. If only ALL engineers “got it” like you!”
There was a great mixture of engaging activities with the lecturing part of it. I wish this was something that was offered as an ‘exit seminar’ for college students. It was great to be able to see the extreme difference in some of the different dimensions. Overall, GREAT experience!
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop; it was interactive and informative. The activities that proceeded the Myers Briggs and the Leadership Challenge were fun and allowed for participants to remain interested and focused.
The leadership challenge was beneficial to my life in a great way by understanding myself more on working with other people. It really helped me figure out how I could work with people in different ways other than my own. Team building interaction was a fun way to learn how others think! Thank you for coming!
A fun and engaging Myers Briggs workshop! By identifying all unique personalities, leaders are illuminated with the importance and effort of all members in society.

Texas Woman’s University Leadership Institute
Leadership Workshop, March 31, 2012

Students from Texas Woman’s University

“Steve did a superb job and came across as very knowledgeable and comfortable with the material. He did an excellent job of “reading” our students so was able to keep the flow going. Both myself and my assistant are INTJs, as is Steve, so we know the level of effort to look casual. His presentation was especially timely because most of the audience were seniors, and they were very glad to talk to someone who actually uses the processes.

One of the participants who is currently a first year teacher was doing a little complaining about her circumstances. After the Leadership Challenge event she decided to stop complaining and make a change. Long story short- within one week she applied for another teaching position with a substantial increase in pay and was offered the job. She also interviewed for an out of state position and has made it through the second round of interviews. She is now a true believer in the process. “

Major General Mary Saunders, USAF, Retired
Executive Director, Leadership Institute Texas Woman’s University

Gen. Mary Saunders (Texas Womans University)

“I received so many positive comments on your workshop for us on Thursday.  Most said it was the best professional development that I had arranged for them.”

Sarah Percy Janes, PhD
Vice President – Continuing & Professional Development
San Jacinto College

San Jacinto College

“Steve is the real deal, and I am so delighted that he is out there speaking on The Leadership Challenge. The story about the difference it made in the life of one teacher is just awesome.

I have told your Bucket Story several times in the last month to a variety of audiences from Perth, Western Australia to Burlingame, California. It’s such a great example to Model The Way. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.”

Jim Kouzes, Author, The Leadership Challenge

Jim Kouzes (Author of Leadership Challenge)